My 17-18 Squirrel Season

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I absolutely love being able to witness close up what these apex predators do in the wild. Since these pics were taken, I have released this hawk back into the wild.
In 2 seasons, she caught over 160 squirrels, a dozen or so rabbits, flying squirrels, a racoon, a barred owl, and a snake. For her to be my first falconry hawk she was phenomenal. I hope my next hawk is half of what Katniss was.
I now have a tiercel Harris's hawk. Gonna trian him on rabbits and ducks. He is lightning fast!! Planning on trapping another hen redtail for squirrels in the next few days. IMG_20180106_173502258.jpg IMG_20171226_173240313.jpg 6158.jpeg FB_IMG_1513485598957.jpg FB_IMG_1531883166031.jpg FB_IMG_1531883642917.jpg FB_IMG_1531883647547.jpg FB_IMG_1531883651118.jpg FB_IMG_1531883654430.jpg FB_IMG_1531883657387.jpg
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Beautiful pictures of some beautiful birds. I imagine There's a huge amount of red tape to go thru to be able to trap a hawk.
Indeed there is. Falconry is the highest regulated sport in the states. Which I am glad, it keeps people from seeing these animals and think "oh i want a pet hawk". These animals are far from being a "pet", and can be highly dangerous in the wrong hands. They don't like humans, only tolerate our presence. There is a hunting bond between falconer and hawk. Emotionally, the hawk could care less about me lol. Honestly though, I loved that bird.

Amazing for anyone to train a bird to deliver their prize back to you, I've never witnessed it other than video or TV. :cheers:
When our hawks go down on game, we(falconers)go to them as quickly as possible and help them dispatch their catch. In the wild, it can take 30 seconds or 3 minuets for them to dispatch their catch by themselves. The faster we make in to help, the less likely they are to be bitten.
If you ever want to make a trip to Oglethorpe County, I would be honored to take ya on a hunt. Bring the young'uns!