Open letter to Ameristep

amerstep doghouse poles

I inherited one from a friend without the poles.i made some out of 3/4 " cpvc.put a coupler in the center each pole only goes from top down to first great!


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Somebody tell bamabro they is one foe sail cheap down in the S&S. Even comes with almost free shippin:cool:

Pookiebro, don't wanna play wit Quackbro, Elfiiibro, Miggiebro, or Bloodbro.facepalm:

Thinkin mebbe our stable of lawyers/experts/eyewitnesses may have shut 'em down??:huh:
He's still bitter over the whole Ameristep thingy.

Maybe Elfiiibro should change his name to RHBitter. :bounce:

We've already got one Bitterbro, how 'bout BitterBammerbro ??


Screwed to the Maxbro ??

Stakebuyingbro ???

Ameristepswhuppinbro ??


Lil help from the peanut gallery ??:huh: