Raising Wild Hog

With that being said Killmaster I have been toe to toe with a certain person about the hog hunting on wma's. They said some of the places they hunt butt up to management land and they were told when their dogs crossed the line they could walk in with no weapons to retrieve the dogs and couldn't kill the hog but had to release it. Also what's your take on why the quota dog hunts was done away with if you have one
Those hunts didn't kill enough hogs to matter and they conflicted with trapping efforts that were far more efficient.
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Is a caught hog (by dog) different than a trapped hog?
An argument could be made a caught hog is not a trapped hog because no trap was used. And there fore not be illegal to release it.
I would like to see the law changed to allow spot and stalk hog all year on WMAs. With any weapon.
No, it would apply to all hogs regardless of the method of capture. To trap also means to capture.

Regarding WMAs being open all year, it' not likely to happen. Hog hunting has proven incapable of decreasing hog populations, in fact they've increased despite hunting. There have to be some windows of time in between seasons to run whole-sounder traps if we ever have any hope of reducing populations. If you want to pursue hogs in the off season you could always contact the region office for a particular WMA and see if you can volunteer to help with trapping.
That's one thing I figured. In smaller groups of hogs you can control them with dogs but if there's a good number it's just for fun then.


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I always liked thinking of who had there hands on those old ear marked boars before me. New some fellas that ear marked a goodn one night miles from the truck on foot he was caught a couple years later. And put on my buddies wall Right tip missing Left split in two. He's a cool lookin mount !!!!
I have a corral trap, got seven pigs in now that im fattening to butcher, when they leave the trap they will be dead,very legal that way
Unless the trap is a licensed feral hog facility, they need to be killed upon capture or moved to a licensed facility in accordance with the transport requirements.


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I might have been the one who cut the ears I was referring too. But me and you have discussed this before, I also believe chewed off ears are usually the case IMG_1498.PNG


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Back when I use to hunt with dogs we had several in our licensed feral hog facility over the years that we used to train dogs with and they usually wound up without ears , I remember one blue boar we had that was one mean dude , I think he may of escaped , I’m gonna try and find a picture of him !
I've only seen one boar that was earless. We came out the woods that night one less dog than we went in with. I've seen quite a few that would only have one cause the other was chewed off from taking is so long


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That second one is Beast!!!! I lost an album full of pics from the days of toting a camera. Takes me down memory lane !!!
Yeah he came from Calhoun co. At that time I was looking for a good one to mount but he had been living in the corn fields and he was almost bald
Why not scheduled the Hunt's at different times so they don't conflict with trapping?
We did, the May 16-31 season as well as extending hog dog hunts on some areas in SE GA.
For dogs on WMA?
Not all of the WMAs, but hog dog days on WMAs were reduced on some areas then moved and expanded on others.
Not all of the WMAs, but hog dog days on WMAs were reduced on some areas then moved and expanded on others.
Why not make it on all and match it with the Jan. 2 through end of February small game dates. Not trying to be aggravating just trying to understand why they wouldn't.