Spolight for night time hog hunt.

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Any one recommend a green spotlight or flash light for hunting hogs at night? Taking my son to Woods and Water in Wrightsville for a two night hog hunt at end of May. They recommend us using a green light to shoot. Thanks!!

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If you want top of the line ............ Sniper Hog Lights.
If you want economical........$40 green weapon light from Amazon with a scope mount. (what I ran until I got a thermal)


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I got one of the $40 green weapon lights and it plenty bright enough . But the hogs I hunt can see it and don’t like it , tried the red also . Not gonna help you on a short hunt but I had to mount a motion light on my feeder and let them get use to it
I have several of these and also a more expensive one from one of the hog hunting companies and see very little difference.
I have killed several hogs with the green light. I point it in the air, turn it on and then lower it and shoot as soon as I am on the hog.
I bought all my lights,batteries and chargers from ebay but Amazon is probably a good bet now with all the shipping problems!


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It is best to have light with intensity control rheostat. That allows you to gradually increase beam intensity. If hunting with simple one, bring light beam over the target gradually, don’t start shining at them directly.
X2 on this. The flashlight style lights spook them because of the intensity right in their face. Shine it high and gradually come down on them and they are less likely to spook.
I’ve used both green and red, and prefer red. I’ve debated several times on upgrading to night vision or thermal, but the red light continues to work. I do agree with others that having an adjustable or at least hi, med, low setting is best. I’ve used Kill Lights and Amazon Chinese knock offs, the KL’s are better but more expensive. Killed this one Friday night w a red light.