Team 20-"Beard Mafia"


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Hello everyone one I am here
What's up, bshadrick.

Seemed like everytime I looked last year you were posting up pics of another bird you'd shot.

Hope you keep up your beak busting ways this spring.

Gonna PM you my contact information. Really enjoyed last year staying in touch with teammates in the field and sharing news back and forth on birds. Looking forward to it this year as well.

I'm still trying to figure this turkey hunting thing out. They're awfully wary.

Still hoping I can stumble on a close up bird in the south Georgia swamp that'll help the team.

We'll see how that works out.


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bshadrick, just sent a PM with my phone info.

Hoytman380, sent you one as well.

Shot y'all my contact info. Shoot me yours as well.

Have a great season and let's stay in touch.



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Just had a few ignorant, amorous and careless birds out at the swamp. Early season sounded like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at first light when them gobblers would start firing off. Don't think there's anymore like that left out there. Ain't seen any sign of a turkey bird in about 6 months. Just hogs n yotes.


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I'm here. Good luck guys!! I've been scouting some new territory for the past month but nothing to impressive so far but it ain't started yet!! We shall see.
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Y'all look out. Bubba is figuring out who's who on here.
Y'all look out. Bubba is figuring out who's who on here.
I'm too busy trying to figure out where the birds have gone to be trying to figure out who's who. :crazy:

I ain't got a clue what to do on opening day. Just not any sign that there's birds at either of the places I hunt.

Did get a call from a friend this afternoon that says he saw about 10 birds late this afternoon. Told me I need to take him to kill a turkey. I think my only chance for a bird this season is to call up 2 at his place.
I saw a footprint of a turkey bird today. First one I've seen in a long time. .

For lack of any better options gonna set up on it Saturday (maybe he'll come back). :rolleyes:
I know it ain't much to all the sho nuff turkey killers, but I was happy to see this yesterday (I at least know one passed through during the weekend headed to the neighbors property):