Team 5 The world Famous “ STRUT BUSTERS”

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Folks good luck to everyone this season.Just to make sure everyone is on the same page please look at the example pics before taking you kill pics and bonus pics and entering them. These pics are the way yours should look. The judges will be tougher this season than last so pay attention to detail. Nothing worse than seeing someone not getting the points because they didn't follow directions. Text your pics to your teammates or post them on your team thread and make sure the team agrees with your pics before posting in the weekly kill thread. The date has to be shown in the pics and pics need to be clear and readable. Good luck!!
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watched two long beards strut around with two jakes trying to gobble and some hens yesterday morning, maybe they will stick to the same script Saturday morning.
I'll be stopping by my camp on Thursday morning and seeing what's talking. I can't hunt this weekend up here but I will be traveling with gear and gun.
I still like the name Strut Busters so if you and Jharrell are good with that I say lets go for it.
Went down to the camp today and saw two gobblers. One was really nice bird probably four years old. Hoping I get a chance at him next week when I get back home.

Have y’all seen anything?

This is what happens when you shoot a bird walk. I missed the hear and shot the beard off. No it's not beard rot! I picked up a hand full of beard off the ground and I'm still crying. facepalm::banginghe:banginghe
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