The Flu !!!

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I think it grabbed me about an hour ago. Real quick, I felt like I'd been run over...achy joints, headache, feverish. I couldn't find any flu vaccine this year and I fear it has nailed me. Anybody got any suggestions as to what I can do? I just took 4 aspirin with a big glass of orange juice. Help.


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Yep go to the doc. Flu can turn in to even nastier stuff.
Swampfox I'd go to the doc and drink plenty of OJ and rest take care of yourself. sometimes us men don't want to go to the doc especially me. but If your not careful it can turn into something worse. hope you get better.



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Go ahead and go to the Dr. before something worse grabs you like pneumonia.Drink plenty of liquids and get all the rest you can.Whatever it is couldn't have gotten you if your defense system had been up to snuff!Hope you feel better soon.


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I thought I had the flu several times in my life but I apparently only really had it once. Christmas 1998. I thought I was going to die. At one point that would have been just fine with me. Literally.
Don't do like me and wait several days. If you're running a fever tomorrow, get to the doctor!
Good luck man, hope it's something less serious.
Hunt/fish safely,