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I would like to encourage everyone on here who is not already a member to join. We are a bowhunting orginization at core. We sponsor several 3d shoots and public land hunts each year. Its a great place to meet like minded hunters . This next year we are going to take some political stances and need all the backing we can get. Also follow the TBG on instagram - tradowga and facebook. Help us grow by joining forces with us to make georgia bowhunting great again.

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I agree with Buck 100%. I wanted to add something too- You may be like I was: I hunted with trad gear for years but did it by myself. I don't know why exactly but never joined until 2010. But when I did, I regretted not joining sooner. I have learned so much since then, and met some of the finest people and best hunters you'll ever meet. I can truly say that most of my friends are TBG members.


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Buck's right. So's Todd.

If you'd care to see what we're about from the comfort of your own home, PM me your email address and I'll send along some reading material in the form of our newsletter. I'll send you one, or all four that we've done this year. You'll then have a fair idea of what the TBG is all about...
Like Todd said i regretted not joining sooner myself. These men are some of the finest men i have ever been around and i have never felt like a stranger only like i am apart of there family. Gene does a great job at the NGTA club and Buck put together a great spring hunt at Tuckahoe . I wish we had a hunt a mount but i know its summer and its hot. A TBG summer trout fishing trip to coopers creek to cool down one weekend would be nice. Shoot a little, fish some, and eat a lot. Traditional Bow Hunting is addictive. Come join us you will be hooked.