Watusi euro mount before and after pics. Braggin on my wife. September Update

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Hope y'all are doin good and ready for spring!!
My wife likes doin all our euro mounts, It's like a hobby for her.
So the neighbors Watusi cow died the other day and they want my wife to euro mount it.
I already know it's gonna turn out awesome so I wanted to take pics along the way and share. The whole process will take a couple months.
So here's the start.
Yesterday the neighbor brings head to us.

This marnin we cleaned her up.


Now she'll macerate in this jon boat for a month ish depending on weather and temps.

Then she'll get pressure washed, then washed with dawn a halfish dozen times over then peroxided and stuff. But I'll take more pics as and share untill we get to the finished product in a couple ish months.
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sea trout

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That’s so cool...are the horns full of meat or are they hollow? Is there a certain process to preserve horns vs antler? Man that’s gonna look great!
Yes it's a little different than deer. The horns are around live bone, a continuation of bone from the skull. Now the bone is dead so it has to cure just as the skull. In a couple ish weeks of maceration the horns will release connection with the bone and we will sluff them off and take care them seperately I'll do my best to take pics of each stage my wife does and post a pic!


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That's gonna be cool. There's a guy a few miles up the road from me who has some of those watusis, along with a couple of camels. They're some funky looking cattle, for sure.
I have done a pair of longhorn mounts for folks. A key was working the horns down with half a dozen different grits of sandpaper to get down to original color then oiling them up for that shine. It took a solid 3 days of sanding to get them right.


I grew up with Angus and limousin cattle and never messed with anything with horns so purely curious, how heavy was that head, and/or how heavy will the mount be?