Where Were You Back 46 Years Ago Today......January 9, 1973 ???

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Y'all are babies (year wise). I had been working at Ga. Power for a year in 73', and when I first went to work, it was in an ice storm with a broke wrist. Slid off a flat bed trailer unloading too!

After reading all of these responses, you are right as most of these members here are just a young bunch of WHIPPER-SNAPPERS compared to me as I am just about as old as dirt apparently!!!!!!

I was 13 at the time living with my parents in Smyrna. Power was out for 7 days best I can remember. I also remember the pines a cracking and limbs falling and the sharp end going through peoples roofs. The blue light from transformers exploding is etched in my memory as well. We cooked on a coleman stove and had a gas space heater for heat. Groceries which needed to stay cool were put on the roof of our car in a laundry basket. Till this day I will not let a pine grow near my house. Fun times.
Thanks to global warming we won’t have to worry about a storm like this again.:rofl:


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at my grandmas ...10 yrs old...held me tennis shoes so close to the heater the soles started melting...remember it like yesterday


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I was on the UGA campus somewhere. I'm pretty sure I got drunk that day.:bounce:
I was up there the week after when it thawed and I'm surprised we didn't fall down together in our drunken revelry!
I was about eight months shy of being born.

A few years earlier, my mom was at Appalachian State in Boone, NC. This would have been in the mid-60's sometime but they had so much snow one year that the NC National Guard had to bring food in by helicopter to supply the cafeteria.
I was in Winchester Va. working for Western Union in their data center in Middletown, Va.
Six months before I was in Mahwah, NJ. I was 26 at the time.
I have a Polaroid of a friend of mine and his wife on Garden City beach standing on the snow
Yes, I recall that was the most unusual aspect of the 73 storm. The heavy snow belt ranged from North FL, say Jacksonville to the north with the middle GA area, around Macon and below being the hardest hit with multiple feet of snow. Never saw one like that since and probably never will again, since it is now already spring time blooming in the same area.


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In middle Ga with a thousand pine limbs covering our yard, couldn't get the car out for 10 days, no power, sitting by our huge fireplace.
My uncle had just signed up for total electric at his house. He was by our fireplace too.