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Looking for advice on a bow between $800 and $1000 for deer hunting. I have only shot recures but am not opposed to trying a long bow.

John Cooper

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With that kind of budget, take your pick! For real though I would try several new and used bows and see what fits you and what you like best!


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South Cox builds some absolutely killer and beautiful bows at Stalker Stickbows. His stock bows are built the exact same way as his customs, you just get what's there and available instead of hand picking your wood. That's my choice when I can scrape together the spare change.


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I have a 62" Buffalo, 43# @ 28". It is a hard hitting, smooth shooting bow. I love it. Big Jim is good to deal with. I never see a negative comment about him or his bows on this site. He used to have a waiting list, don't know if that's still the case. Several other folks on this site also shoot his Buffalo bows.