Boat Build

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Headed toledo bend in the morn. With a gun ammo and a fishin pole. Might do more fishin since its a first visit. But never know. Gotta feel it out.

Have an invite on a boat this weekend. And wife says maybe we can swing new motor in Feb for my bday. Fam is always first but if its in the cards we will see....
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Only saw a few ducks. Probably woodies and the resident geese. No fish caught either. But learning the cove i was in taught me check weather a lil more. Wind picked up and i called it quits before id have a hard time crossing back over the cove. Still fun gettin out. Yall Ga peeps be safe and good luck in the morn!
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picked up a hook 5 w/ lake pro couple weekends ago. It was missin parts so returned it and went back out this weekend and came home with the Lowrance hook 7 with lake pro. Hopin for a summer full of fishing and scouting the boating side of Sabine NWR!