Captain's Cafe'-New Year's Eve

Jim Boyd

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Great photos and the captions are even better.

TJChurch - hope it gets better for ya, brother!

I always love your Captain's Cafe participants as they fit in just perfectly in the scheme of life. I love the raccoon asking the blessing before eating.

This one made me think about two bucks that appeared to be saying their "blessing" before eating any of the food that I had put out for them the day before this photo below was made. Sometimes, you really do see the strangest happenings in the outdoors and they really do put a smile on your face. I have really enjoyed reviewing a total of 151,625 trailcam photos that were made on my property since January 1, 2017. I plan to go back up to the country tomorrow and end the year by pulling the cards and putting out more feed for all of the critters. I haven't hunted at all since last year and I didn't miss it as bad as I thought that I would. I know all of the critters enjoyed lots more feed this year for sure.


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Happy New Year Captain. 2017 was the worst year of my life. So I’m praying for a better 2018.
I kinda know what you mean about it being a bad year as I have had a really tough one this year as well. I lost my Texas Girlfriend to breast cancer and I also messed my knee up really badly and ended up with surgery that unfortunately is not healing very well. I will include you in my Prayers tonight in hopes of a better 2018 for you and me and also for all of the fine GON members and their families here. ::;::;::;::;::;::;
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Funny how God can use even a trailcam to bring brothers together. GON is a wonderful group and I will be praying for both of you guys this morning.


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I lost my wife and high school sweetheart to pancreatic cancer on may 5th. Would have been 38 years on July 27th. Thanks for the prayers. I need em.

Jim Boyd

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TJ - prayers sent up, brother.

My wife went through breast cancer 6 years ago and it is awful.

Will be thinking about you.