Crappie Spawn?

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When will the crappie be on the beds? I fish mainly small lakes. Stone Mountain in particular. I was just wondering if any of you guys know bout when they hit the beds? :huh:

Danny Leigh

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Small lakes usually warm up quicker than large impoundments so the fish usually bed a little sooner than the bigger lakes.

This past weekend on Allatoona the big females were still over 10-20' of water and most people catching fish were trolling. I did see a few people trying for them on the banks, but I didn't notice them catching any.

With the warm weather forecasted for the rest of the week, the crappie might be on the banks by the weekend. Last year we were catching many on Allatoona in the trees on March 21 with a water temp of 60. Sunday the water temp. ranged from 50-53 and the fish were certainly not on the banks as the same time as last year.


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I believe they will be spawning anytime now. If we could get some warm weather for several days in a row they should start anytime and some may already be spawning now.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


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We went to Allatoona on Sunday and caught 70 by casting jigs toward the bank. Talked to a guy trolling and they said that they had been there all day and caught 210. :hair: They will definitely be tearing it up for a couple more weeks. Hopefully, we can get out there again soon. Best of luck to you.


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they are spawning now in the small ponds if not already finished spawning. they are on the beds now at oconee and sinclair, just starting on russell and hartwell.