First fish on the fly rod

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G Duck

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Not exactly the normal fly-rod catch. But the first none the less. Was at Sinclair this weekend. Gave the 5wt. a test.



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Congrats on that funny lookin trout!
Is that the Hobbs Creek combo thats on sale at Bass Pro that you have in your mouth?


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You're lucky. It's tough to catch a cat on a fly rod even when you target them. Great job and welcome to fly fishing.
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G Duck

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Thanks Jubal. I thought it was going to be easy, but I was wrong.
Walt, yep that is the HC on sale at bps. Seems fine to me, but I dont know enough about this to compare it to any other's


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Hey ya caught a Whiskered Channel Trout!:clap:

Congrats! Cats are fun to catch on a flyrod. Thanks for sharing your catch with us.


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Congrats on your first catch with the long rod-I'm sure it was fun. I've catch a few cats on flies before and am surprised everytime-one time I even got a saltwater cat!