How's My Living?

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We've all been on the road at some point and have seen the sticker on the company work trucks that says, "How's my driving? Call: 555-5555." Most of the times when we have seen these stickers, the driver seems to be driving ok, and not causing any problems on the road. Why would they though?...just a couple of complaints and that employee could lose their job. Representing a company holds people accountable. What if, as Christians, we had to put stickers on our vehicles, signs on our houses, posts on our social media, and wear shirts that read, "How's my living? Call: GOD"? Even though He already knows how we're living, if you knew a few phone calls to God could keep you out of His grace and from having eternal life, wouldn't you act a little better? Most true Christians' Faith naturally shows in their actions and in their outwardly lives. We must remember that we are representing God and that we are doing His work. If we act up, we may be poorly representing our Christianity/ "our company" and may actually be deterring people away from God. Poor representation of Faith and being negative is like taking a sick day from God's work...full of toxicity and no work is getting done. When I do see bad drivers in company trucks, I not only think poorly of their actions, but I also think, "That employer must just hire any fool off the street." Don't be any fool, be God-Like in your actions so that we don't need stickers, signs, and words to hold us accountable to our Faith and to being good Christians. God may make us work, but He's in it with us, and for us. The benefits package is eternal hope, love, and life. What better employer is there? So I ask you today, "How's your living?" Galatians 2:20 God Bless.