Hunting Indian reservations

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Guys im looking for any possible information that any of you may be willing to share about hunting on Indian reservations. Past experiences, contacts, any thing that may get me headed in the right direction. Thanks ahead of time. Wesley
wes i looking too!!! let me know what you find ....i want a merriams for my slam...ron


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Only thing I know about Indian reservations is in New Mexico.That being you better be right in your access or it is bad.The Indians have their own set of regulations and the state has nothing to do with it.They also enforce their regulations to the limit.Good luck in your search.
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dont get me wrong, i would like a pure breed but....Being honest with you, as long it struts and gobbles, then dies... ill be happy!! i just really love the whole Indian heritage thing. Thanks for the info so far.
Would you be interested in southern North Dakota? Rio/Merriam, Eastern hybrids..I have a contact that can set you up. On Tribal land you have to have a council appointed "guide" not to take you hunting necessarily but has to be responsible while you are in the area. This guy will take you out and turn you lose and wait for you in his truck..he knows where the birds are on his section I guarantee. just pm me if interested