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Capt Quirk

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This girl is sort of a foundling, I just call her Yeller. A couple of days after the last hurricane, I was on my way out of town for the afternoon, and stopped at the corner to check the mail. The storm knocked over the mailbox, so I had to get out of the car.

This big yellow beast charged me, both ends wagging. I said hello, scratched her for a minute, then went on my way. Coming home that evening, I again stop at the mailbox, and again, she comes out of nowhere. Well, she followed the car down the road to home, and has pretty well moved herself in.

She is probably about a year or so, still a good bit of puppy play in her. Pretty much housebroken, never messed inside, but she is a trash panda. Keep your garbage put up.

Not a viscious dog, it doesn't matter who or what, she's just real happy to meet ya and play. Specially with the boy dogs. My girl dogs take exception to her loose behavior, and you know how catty some females can be. So, sadly, she needs to find someplace else.

Like I said, she isn't a bad dog, and really deserves a good home and somebody to play with.


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Might get more response if you gave a location. Might be near me, or someone else that's possibly interested. Just trying to help.