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Whats up guys, got me a Silver at the end of January to train for the upcoming season. I'm slowly getting her to know the basics and she will actually bring dead ducks back on command. I've read a couple of books and gained some knowledge but i know you can only get so much from reading. Just wondering if anyone else has trained one by themselves and if they could provide me with a piece of knowledge or two. Thanks and here is a picture of her


Oh boy......a silver what? A dilute gene "lab"? Good luck with your pup. It's cute.


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There are books written by Richard Walters. Gun dog and water dog. I have trained two labs with them and it is crazy how easy it is. It was like he trained my dog and wrote the book then gave me a puppy back that went along just as the book described. My friend is the one that introduced me and his lab would not shake after a retrieve until he told her to. Good luck and have fun!
There's several DVD's about retriever training to choose from that you can actually watch & see how its done. I trained my retriever following some of Evan Graham's DVD's. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome if you'll be consistent. I'm no professional & neither is my dog but she caught on fast & will do the things I'm interested in. Good luck. :cheers:
Waterdog is way outdated. Concepts and Methods have improved and change since waterdog was first published. Waterdog was great for its time. Richard was a large force with the first hunting dog test started. Nice looking pup. One thing I will say is the dog does not know what color he is. Good luck and all the best.
Beautiful pup. Lots of good, modern programs out there. I would strongly recommend a DVD series vs a book for a first time trainer. I went with the smartworks series and loved it. Best of luck.
Get a program like smartworks or lardy and follow and master each step ... some will be quick while others will take longer ... don't bounce around or you'll wind up with holes and you'll be asking how do u fix this ... teach train and test under pressure ... good luck ...
Mizzizzipi might be be jealous.

I've had some of the best, but, it's what you want.

Friend has one in Arkansas and also one in Kansas. The work you put in to will be determined by you and your dog..Not some forum guru.

Keep us update on the pup, bet it will come out nice.

What in my post would erroneously cause you to type that I may be jealous Mr. Floor? Maybe you should educate yourself on dilute genes in Labradors. Theres one color missing from my avatar that akc recognizes. Chocolate. See those ribbons?;) they don't give those out at hunt tests. No jealousy here, heck I told the op good luck with his cute pup.
I don't do hunt test. Waste of time on mine.

What you or even anybody wants is in their interest. Not medals.. Just some old time info.

To each of there own
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Back handed comments are still compliments right? The man obviously has enough humility for all of us so let him be ;)
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Appreciate everyones positive advice, gonna try a combination of a couple of different resources including some suggested here. Thanks BP