Ruger Single six Chest Rig

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I sent you a PM I have a Machine I'm not using , once you start with a Machine you will wonder why you waited so long


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Had the pleasure of meeting pdsniper this evening about some leather work. The man has the machines and looking at his work 1st hand was worth the trip.

Great guy in my books, so if you have some leather goods you want. I highly suggest you reach out to him.

I’m not going to share currently what he has in store for me, but will share it once it’s finish.
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Thanks for the kind words FOLES55 and I thought the same of you, it was nice meeting you and your daughters and I feel like I have made a new friend and even though this is the handgun section but we are on the subject of leather this is what
I made for FOLES55 not for a hand gun but I thought I would share it with you guys this was my first attempt to do one of these but I think it came out pretty good but if you guys see any thing you think I need to do or change I welcome the advice, the thing I enjoy the most about my leather work is the smile it puts on the face of the folks that I make things for

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