The Good Wife…

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...just joking, seriously.
A husband from Maine had been worried about his wife being lost at sea for over a week when the coast guard captain showed up at his house and told him, "Ive got some good news and some bad news…"
" OK, give me the bad news first." says the husband.
" Well, The bad news is we found your wife 20 miles off Kennebunkport, but when we pulled her up from 150 ft, she had 6 world class Maine lobsters hung on her."
" Oh, that's awful!", cried the husband. " What could possibly be the good news?"
The captain replied, "The good news is, we're pulling her up again on Wednesday."
thought we wuz talking about the TV show; big fan of that Julianna Margulies :biggrin2:
I'd tell my wife that joke, but after about drowning her in the hot tub last night, she might poke me in the eye.