This Russian thing is JUST getting out of hand!

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This Russian thing is JUST getting out of hand! Even Russian dressing stock is down 54%. Now they are going after Russians foot sizes. :mad: It's just out of hand i say. We need to find a place to stand and fight. :shoot: This i think IS the best place to hold our ground. Ok, Who's with me?? :banana:

" A couple of mean-spirited commenters were quick to critique Reshetova’s feet, calling them “flippers,” and even joking about her shoe-shopping habits"

That is just MEAN to do this only because she is a Russki that colluded with Trump to caused Klinton to lose. :)cheers:)
Time to HOLD OUR GROUND and stand with this Ruski (not too close or she will STEP ON YOU) :D



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hard for me to see feet in your post....


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There were feet in his post?


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Those are size 14
In this thread: A Russian hobbit battling internet trolls.


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foots can't help what they hung on.


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I'm pretty sure its gotten out of foot


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Great post! Thanks for sharing


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Tweeter is infested by jealous haints.