Winchester LB coast me a Rio!!

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Went out to Kansas last weekend and ended up 35 yards from a long beard, turned the dot on took the safety off and CLICK the shell did not fire, there was a punch hole where the fire pen had it. I'm shooting a Mossberg 835 and "was" shooting Winchester LB 3.5 #6. Got back to the camp and tried to shoot one more and same thing CLICK after that i thought maybe its my firing pen, so I threw a 3.5 hevi in and BOOOM. Also a good friend of mine has the same set up and using Win LB and had it happened to him twice. So what is it, the gun, shells or just bad luck. No longer a fan of the NEW Winchester LB shells

Anyways I ended up getting this big boy on the 3rd day with a Hevi (first rio) 10in thick beard and .5 in spurs



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Winchester LB

Had the same thing happened to me this Friday. Had bird dead to rights at 35 yds, took the safety off, pulled the trigger and CLICK! Not the sound you want to hear when you have a big bird in range. I luckily was able to shuck the bad shell out and make a 50 yd shot with another Winchester long beard #5. It left me puzzled to say the least. I am also shooting a Mossberg 835 Ultimag 3.5". A lot of my buddies have been shooting these shells with no issues. 3 birds this year have died with these loads. They are devastating when they actually go BOOM! Glad you were able to recover and get you one.
Must be something with Mossberg and Winchester primers???

I shot a sporting clays tourney yesterday and the team in front of us had 2 guys shooting Mossbergs and they would not fire the Winchester shells....put them in my Beretta....boom, boom, boom. I ended up trading shells with them so they could finish up.

Really strange?????


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My Beretta hasn't had a problem with them so far...


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I also shoot LB #6 3.5 shells. I haven't had an issue with the shells. I used a box for patterning at different yards. This new box I shot 2 shells at a coyote and killed my turkey with it yesterday.

Maybe send the misfired rounds back to Winchester and see what they will do for you.
People blaming Longbeards, but I've only heard of this happening in 835s.... that should tell you something.

Make sure the barrel nut is tight.

I witnessed it happening in a brand new Benelli M2. But I agree it's mostly happening in Mossbergs 835s. This is the 4th or 5th time I've heard of it happening in a Mossy!


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Had issues with Winchester during duck season. Saw a lot of misfires on their Blind Side ammo. Had two misfires myself and know of about a dozen others. Guns ranged from Benelli, Remington, to my A5. Granted, they could have gotten wet, but I've had only a handful of shells misfire in dozens of years and lately, the frequency has increased and the majority has been Winchester

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My 835 has never misfired a federal premium or kent.
Last year I introduced hevi mag blend to the 835 and have never had a misfire in two years.
I WAS interested in the new longbeard ammo y'all have been reportin about but now I'm shy to try that!

My 835 and hevi mag blend aint broke so there aint no need in fixin!!!

Congrats on the Rio gobbler!! That's on my to do list one day!

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Lil Ronnie. Was that you on the Winchester fb page showing the misfire. If not someone else had issues. If it was, what did they do for ya.