WMA Near Columbus Ga

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I am planning on going turkey hunting at a wma near columbus Ga what is the best one to turkey hunt? Are there a fair amount of turkeys around there?
Thanks for any help.


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After the 1st 2 weeks at Blanton it's almost impossible to call a bird in.I've heard some of them guys in the woods calling and they sound like wounded geese.Those turkey have heard a lil bit of everything by that time.


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Try out Big Lazer WMA, and Hanahatchee WMA all of them are within an hour of Columbus. I lived there for many years, killed turkeys on Blanton, B Lazer and the Hatch. Good luck... they sure are tuff hunting, lots of id-jits that like to screw it up for others.


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check the regs. Some of those wma's are quota hunts till middle of April.
I used to see alot of turkey mostly hens but now its all hogs, and some deer. I recently killed a small buck and 2 hogs in the same day, so it was a good hunt. Point is if you like pigs go to the hatch.