Allatoona - Carters Firstbite Report ( Dec-Jan )

Robert Eidson

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It's been a while since I have posted a report. My father inlaw is battling cancer so Tina and I are spending most of our free time with him.

I found myself with nothing to do this morning so I decided to log in and see what you guys have been up to. Seems like everyone is healthy and catching plenty of fish. Not a bad way to start off 2016. While I am here I thought I would give a report as well.


LINE-SIDES: Strong !! Maybe even a little better then last week !! . The fish and bait has moved south with the changing of the water color. Most of the fish we caught this week has come in eye of the dam. The bite is very good right now. Probably the best January we have seen in years. Thread fins, Small Gizzard shad and small trout are fishing well on planner board flat lines and down lines. The fish are bunch up, if you catch one you'll probably will have two other pull downs at the same time. The morning bite is the best. But there are fish to be caught in the afternoon. Plus it's a little warmer. Like I said before this is some of the best winter time fishing we have seen in years. Now that deer season is over you guys may want to get out there.

Top-Water there is a limited top water bite on Allatoona right now. But it only last about 20min.'s at sun up.

Trolling has been VERY SLOW for the past few days. Look for it to pick back up as the water clears.

A Couple from Sunday afternoon. The first two pictures are from Allatoona on Sunday.

The last three pictures are from Carters before the big rains. The Carter's lake planner board bite was Awesome before the big rains. Hopefully the lake will clear and that bite will pick back up.

Heading to San Antonio at the end of next week. Mom isn't doing well, It's heck getting old. Because the older we get so do our parents. Please keep Tina's Dad and my Mom in your prayers. Our family sure could use them right now.
Later Guys.


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Good hear from you Capt! Pete and I were just talking about you this week. Prayers received from us!