Another Couple Days Off! With The Kid, and Little Brother. Long post, lotta pics. Might as well keep going!


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Wound up having an unplanned day off, to spend with The Boys. Y'all bear with me, because this one's gonna ramble a bit, just as we have, all day.

We started the morning with a bit of squirrel hunting, and trap checking. It was looking like a beauty of a day, and The Kid wound up zappin' three with the same 20 guage I was given at 8 years old...


We had a pull out to fix at one of our traps, so we used squirrel hides and heads poked into a dirt hole to sweeten up a couple of the other sets..Is this a sound tactic, who knows, but it was a lesson in using what you kill...


Next, was a little shooting. With deer season on the way, we had to check The Kid's.350L Savage Axis.

I gave him the range bag, the rifle, and one round for a Clay Pigeon at 100 yards. He set it all up himself, and fired his one round successfully. The gun is on, and he's on..No need to shoot any more.


Little Brother wanted to work on his shotgunning with his Rossi Single shot. He is now at the point of having the strength to operate the hammer, safety, and breech release, despite a jammed thumb injury.


He shot up a half a box, mostly at pine cones up in trees which does a good job of simulating a squirrel sized target. Next squirrel outing, he's ready to be the gunman!

We decided to ride the property perimeter and see if we could find any coyote sign to set on, and ran into a very interesting situation...

We found a bunch of samples fish, stranded in this puddle in the perimeter ditch.


Since we had taken lives this morning, it was an opportunity to give back and save some lives. We caught all we could and took em to the Redfin Creek for a shot at survival..


About five redfin pike, a couple small warmouths, and some baby bluegill won't be coon food tonite...

Along the way we found and killed a big Cottonmouth. I don't allow them on my property, and Little Brother needs a hatband..


To be continued ....


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They took care of the skinning and salting of our new hide...


Pretty good size snake ...


All stretched and salted ...


I had them sift me a bucket of peat moss, for setting traps ..


Then we just had to go try the pond they fished in all summer. Not much happening, but The Kid did catch one..


Little Brother missed one, and is getting good at fixing his own foul ups..


Man! Looking back at this, we need to take a BREAK!

Time to go eat, and go check traps in the morning!!!


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Ok fellers, We just got back from the Friday Night Steak and Seafood Buffet, and the boys put a HURTIN' on it... ?

I'll finish this one off with a couple more pics...

Moccasin tug of war...


They don't get much bigger..



No way for me to express how lucky and blessed I feel, to be able to spend this day....Thank y'all for taggin' along.

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What an OUTSTANDIG time!!!!!
Great pics and narration, loved it!!!


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i'm tired just readin' and lookin'!!


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Ya`ll had a fine day, no doubt that. I do love them redfins and that was a fair size cottonmouth too. Switch from salt to 20 Mule Team Borax soap powder and I bet you`ll be pleased with the final results.

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Way to go, RR! Looks like y'all had an awesome time!



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Ya`ll had a fine day, no doubt that. I do love them redfins and that was a fair size cottonmouth too. Switch from salt to 20 Mule Team Borax soap powder and I bet you`ll be pleased with the final results.

I still had some salt, and have not bought any borax yet, Nic... ?

But I swear I'm gonna try it!!!


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Good times !

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Congratulations on a good couple of days with your grandsons. That's the good things in life for sure.