Anyone know him.

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It’s my property and nobody has permission to be on it. It’s right next to my house. He defiantly don’t live nearby. The only house nearby is a trailer that some black people rent and they know it’s my property. It is gated and posted.


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It’s my property and nobody has permission to be on it. It’s right next to my house. He defiantly don’t live nearby. The only house nearby is a trailer that some black people rent and they know it’s my property. It is gated and posted.
Well that eliminates him having permission.
Wonder what he's up to?


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Curious indeed. Not exercise clothes.
How far is this from a public road or property line?


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I’m on a cell phone,but Upon further review(post 7)...could his thumb be on the hammer of a Revolver,his fingers around the handle,ready to withdraw it from that holster? Sure looks more like a holster than a water bottle? Where’s Eagle Eye 444when you need him!? 😃
Blew the pic up it does look like everything you say but I believe it's a water bottle. The bulge of the bottle position of his hand and the shadows does make it appear what's it not. In my opinion, As for the guy who knows
I did not read any of the posts # 30 through #38 before I posted my comments so I just read then now instead.

Well after further review......this guy's is wearing a white colored name patch up on his left side of his upper chest. His name tag says that his name is "PHILIN". Now that we know that it is PHILIN, he is approximately 6' 2"-6" 4" tall as most of those type feeders have a 6' clearance from the bottom of the barrel down to the ground etc. He is obviously taller from the ground upwards to the bottom of the barrel in this case. He appears to weigh approximately 178 pounds. He also appears to be wearing two "left" boots, and his jeans are obviously so tight that they have apparently cut off the oxygen supply to his....eerrr, eerrr, BRAIN. Yes, that's it, BRAIN !!!!!!

And NO I surely don't think that is a Dasani bottle that he is holding as the blue label would be located in the wrong position in this photo if that was the case. Also, I can't find any Dasani bottle that has a reddish color liquid in it as such if was an actual plastic bottle. I do know about Dasani water bottles as I drink approximately 30 of them each week.

Now the other thing that is somewhat surprising to me is the fact that you apparently have ONLY one photo of this individual as he traveled on your property. I'm thinking that if he really was "trespassing in the bad sense", he would have easily seen your camera and would most probably have taken it to keep from his photo being displayed as such.

Now I will say that if this had occurred on my property, there would have likely been 6, 8 or maybe 10 photos of this individual instead as I do have cameras located in lots of great places and a lot of them are camouflaged very well as you probably won't see them even if you walk by at only 10 feet or so. Yes, some of them are actually pointing downward at a 45 ° angle from 14 feet above and I don't think that 1 person out of 100 people would see those cameras. I love to use certain camouflage patterns on my cameras to install in certain locations as they are not detected. Of course, it helps to add a small piece of my special "Camouflaged Fabric" cut out to a certain pattern size to help fit over a camera so that it is painted up just like the bark on a certain tree. I have actually posted a few photos here on GON of my cameras being positioned on a tree and also a couple of photos of one of my complete 12 ft wooden ladder stands that has this camo fabric around it and it makes it hard to see the placement of the stand for sure. This fabric will last 10 years minimum on up to over 20 years as I have tested some that was installed originally in 1992 and also some that was installed in 1996 after I bought my property in 1990.

I forgot to say the PHILIN'S LAST NAME WAS "LUCKY" as he was not caught in the act so to speak !!!! :pop::pop::pop:

Now, with all of the above said, I really don't think that this person probably meant to cause you any harm BUT I still question just why he would cross over onto your property with posted signs in place as such. I really do hope that you can identify him and have a face to face meeting with this person as well, so hopefully, he stays off of your property in the future.

The real fact is that we would all like to know the overall results of this event on your property as we also feel violated when something like this happens to any of our members here.

PS: The fact is, I was really bored this afternoon and decided to make my reply into a matinee instead.
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May be my paranoia...I still say his hand is on a revolver,in a holster. Thumb resting on hammer. Or may just be a water bottle,hidden partially behind the leg of feeder? Kinda Disguised with big sunglasses. I would wonder WHY he was there & how he got there!? Would suck to encounter him,and be caught off guard.