Bad boy mowers

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Looking at buying a bad boy mower, since having a hard time locating a deck for the John Deere, to hold over until I can find a reasonably priced deck. Any opinions on the quality?
thanks J.R.


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Very good mowers. I bought one at the beginning of last year. No complaints at all. Well built and everything is easy to get to. I bought the Elite with a Kohlar. Completely built in Arkansas also.


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Mines going on about 8 years now and all I have done is replace the battery once. It's a good machine. Well built. No rust to speak off. Deck is very well built. I can't see any possible way to improve on it by design or other brand


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I bought an outlaw extreme 61" 31hp Kawasaki in 2012 or 13,can't remember lol. So far I've put a battery on it,changed the belts once. The bearings in one deck spindle went out under warranty when it was right at two years old, they fixed that for free. I love mine and how open the machine is, everything is not crammed into tight places you can't get to work on it. Very heavy deck.

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Commercial grade Maverick 60" here.
Well pleased with mine.

Priors were commercial Toro and then a Dixie Chopper.
We’re going on three yrs with ours and only problem I’ve seen is sometimes the gas tank builds up a vacuum and motor starts stalling but I can undo gas cap and tighten back up and it’s good to go


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have a 2010 Bushhog ES2052 that has been a good mower. My next one is going to be a Bad Boy Maverick or a Spartan RT/SRT.