Frustrated New Hunter Needs Help

Lots of good info posted here.
What works for me. I look at the Hunter per acre ratio. That will give you a good idea how much pressure the land gets. Pay a little more for less competition and commotion on your lease. If there are hunters every 25 acres and it's getting shot up the first 2 weekends your chances just declined exponentially.
If you are hunting blinds or permanent stands make sure you can approach and leave without getting busted.
Plan to be there hunting during the rut and also when moon/ feed times are favorable...morning & evening.
If you use plots, shooting lanes, etc - do the work early and give things time to "cool off" and get back to normal before season starts.
Feed works. Put it out a day or 2 ahead of the weekend and give them time to locate it. Feeders and troughs work but it takes time to get the deer accustomed to them. Get them out well in advance and leave them.
Fill feed and mess with cameras midday, you run less risk of bumping deer, also do it as inconspicuous as possible.
Obviously the less traffic in and out , the better your chances.