Heading up to Coopers Creek


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Seen 2 in my life and they were both off of Trey Mtn Rd


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Good luck!! We no longer have a winter grouse season because of declining populations.:(
Populations have sunk like a rock here over the last couple decades. I used to could go for a walk behind the house and jump half a dozen, and they would be in the road early in the morning pecking grit. Now I'm lucky to see a half-dozen in a year.
Good luck got a few up this year But it bad that it has gotten in this shape when 30-40 years ago when you seen logs trucks on coopers, swallows, creek you could flush 15-20 a day Met some hikers few weeks ago they ask what was i hunting I said grouse they answered whats that. I think the next time i am asked something like that i going to say i am writing a book. Appalachian Diet with a Brittany
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If you were in the woods today, I bet your truck smells like wet dog!
Still a little pungent. Haha

Very wet long weekend, we found some promising "micro-habitats" in the parlance of the USDA Forest Service. Not enough of them and too small.

Great exercise for both me and the dogs. IMHO, the prettiest part of all of GA.