Holster help

Folks see the rule below concerning commercial solicitation.

“Commercial Advertising: Except for NON-MASS produced products in the Hobby forum and the Custom Turkey Calls forum, advertising is not allowed. Do not post or advertise your services, wares, other message boards or websites in other areas of this message board including signature line, user name, and avatars except in forums where already allowed such as Custom Turkey Calls. You may send an appropriate PM to other members of this message board concerning your service with a link to your post here when requested or asked about it.”

“SWAP AND SELL ALL ITEMS POSTED FOR SALE/TRADE/WTB ARE TO BE POSTED HERE: http://www.gon.com/marketplace/ This includes animals: "Want to sell," "Want to buy," Looking for," etc. are not allowed on the open forum but can be posted on the GON Marketplace.”

You can offer hand made items all day up in the hobby forum but not here.
Further, you cannot offer items you own for sale here.

Any further solicitation will draw an infraction, fair warning.
It wasn't me, this time 😎