How many coon hunters do we have here now??

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I'm certainly not as hard at it as I used to be but I've got a pretty good hound. Looking forward for deer season to end so I can hunt my prime places. Raised some pups out of my female and a Direct son of huck a buck this fall and have 2 pups that I'm gonna spend a lot of time with this spring.
Good luck bud ! Be sure to post some videos of them treeing for us. There ain't nothing prettier than a lock down, slobber mouth bug eyed tree dog.


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I used to hunt them all the time.

People are way too sensitive in the south these days to hunt coons unless you have a massive amount of public or private property.. I wouldn't even dream of trying it.
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Man she's burning him down ! She's definetly a TREE DOG! My buddy loves them English, if I Showed him this he would drag me down to the river tonight, ha ha ! Mallard we have a lot of coon hunters around here, we don't wait for them city boys to quit chasing speed goats to start hunting tho, we hit it as soon as the season opens. They got all day and we got all night. Tree em !
We don't start till around second week of December, my dad and I have three black and tans, pretty good dogs!! We have caught a bunch of coons with them the last six years..

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I use to get after them three or four nights a week. Like someone else said, I don't know how you find the territory to hunt these days. People are funny about their deer woods and everything is locked up. On a different note, I have two 5200 wheat lites with the good charger. I also have a 16 volt Cajun magnum. All need batteries. I would trade for something that I could use.
Same thing hear bud I don't hunt near as hard as I used to. Still got a couple of hounds that give it they're all. Raised a litter last year kept one pup sold the rest but got a 11 month old that has really came into her own been running her 2-3 times a week. She's cold nosed like her mother and a super hard tree dog I mean blow the top out of a tree. I agree soon as deer season is over we really gonna try to get after it have treed more this year than I have in a long time being a great year so far. Good luck to all y'all hope your season is great to
Occasionally...pigs and skwerls are my favorite !! But I know where they are plentiful if somebody wants em !! As long as the dogs don't mess with a pig !!

Me! I hunt 5 or 6 nights a week during the season. Coonhunting and squirrel hunting is about all I do now. I've had to change the type of dogs that I hunt since there isn't as much wide open land as there used to be.