When to draw back


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So I finally got one and kind of answered my question in a last light scenario. Draw back as soon as they are in range even if there is a different one at your feet! I’m amazed at the movement I can get away with sometimes. This time a deer was stomping below my feet, but the one I shot paid no attention to the foot stomper. I turned 180 degrees But had to hold at full draw for quite some time. Now in a saddle, this is a very strong position and I was able hold long enough to breathe several times, look outside of my sight to get my bearings again, anchor and re anchor 3 times before finally the deer gave me a shot.
I know every scenario is different, but I’ll be pulling back as soon as possible.


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It’s really nothing that can be taught just learned.
I’ve been doing this over 40 years and let a nanny head catch me moving this year. Problem was she had a stud behind her.

Ouch! I know what I did wrong. Should have let her walk past me and then grabbed my bow. He would have never saw me.

Long Cut

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Don’t care how long you been chasing ‘em, they’ll always humble you with a bow in your hand.
Those old nans will humble you just as quickly as that old mossy horn. Do not give them an inch.