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Hey guys,

Avid angler... just not for saltwater. My family will be staying on jekyll this weekend. We will have access to a boat (center console) but the captain is not a regular angler. What are our options for catching a few fish with the kids. We are not picky on what we target. Also what could we expect to catch from the pier if we decide to try that also.

I have used jigs and poppin corks for trout a time or 2. I would also love to catch a red fish. Are either of those an option this time of year. If not what would you do to keep the kids busy for a few hours.

Thanks for any advice.


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I would suggest fishing for whiting in 20-30 foot depths in the sounds near the channel edge. You can take one and cut it in pieces and fish for the bigger redfish at the same time. You might even get lucky and hook into an early shark. Most areas with either hard or live bottom should be holding fish.
Not sure if they have been doing very well at the pier yet, haven't fished it since December. I prefer to fish the beach to the right of the pier about 200 yards of so from where the path ends on the beach to the right. You can catch whiting, reds, sharks, sometimes blue fish, flounder and an occasional trout in that area where the channel swings in by the bank. Fresh shrimp, cut squid, and cut bait should work well.
We tried King and Prince Friday, but the water was racing and dirty due to the high tides. No luck there at all. That may change with the lower tides, as the larger whiting are getting close to spawning. Ended up catching what we caught just west of Sidney Lanier bridge at 30 foot depth. The last two weeks we were doing very well in 40 feet at the St. Mary's jetties on the current edge as it left the jetties, but that's a fairly long ride.
If the boat has a trolling motor, you can fish for trout and slot reds on the flats with shells and grass beds using artificials or live shrimp.
Trout can be caught this time of year off the beaches in 5-10 foot depths with shrimp under a popping cork, also.
Good luck, hope you catch a mess!
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Thank you sir... I hope we can find something to tug on our lines. Either way looking forward to getting on the water.