Lanier flathead

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Caught this two weekends ago night fishing on Lanier. Lots of fun! Also caught a channel cat and six crappie. Fished under my homemade LED's.



I knew there had to be some flatheads or blues around here! Nice one.
I caught a flathead seven years ago on Lanier in the early summer on a live blueback fished from the dock. I told the guy in the baitshop the next day at the old Oakwood Sportsman's Lodge, and he said "nope, ain't no flatheads in Lanier!" I said well.....yes there are. I don't know where it came from, but it was in there and I caught it". He didn't believe me, and the next day, I took my camera over there and showed him. That flathead went maybe 8 lbs, and was either sick, or old as dirt. It barely put up any fight at all, and I thought it was a turtle when I was pulling it in. It just used it's weight and never made any runs like you would expect. It really was easy to reel in. When I got it in, I realized that it had water pennies living on it. A catfish that has aquatic insects living on it.....weird. it didn't look well, and I didn't want to eat it, and I know I shouldn't have, but I threw it back. It just looked sick. I'm going to go through my old fb albums and see if I can find the pic.
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Good story. I have seen other flatheads come out of Lanier. If I am not mistaken Jseph has caught some too.