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Hey y'all sent a pm to Wayne. Y'all welcome him. He's on yalls team.
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I made the cut... cool beans. Time to make some feathers fly. Got my place picked out for Saturday. I public land hunt. I'll be checking I soon. Good luck out there. Gonna be a good season for sure!!!:shoot:
Saturday was probably the most entertaining hunting experience I've ever had and come home empty handed. 9 hens with 2 toms strutting 100 yards up the hill from me. I let them know I was there with a few purrs but the just gobbled never coming down the hill. There were other birds gobbling in the area also....I bet I heard 30 plus shout out during my sit. Sunday had one tom gobble ...called and he closed in fast but hung up across the creek. I'm in the right spot just gotta get them a bit closer....may have to break out the 50 cal BP
Thanks Wayne! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome opening weekend too. Hopefully we can get a couple more on the ground here in the next few weeks.
Almost let it rip on one and spotted the 6 inch beard and passed. I'm after an more mature birdy. Had a nice 10+ beard prancing @ 80 yards over 45 min...back and forth. Then a hen cut him off before he come down. I've seen birds every outing (5 trips/ three areas/same WMA)...I'll put in a midweek hunt this week and the weekend. 3rd week is always Hot. Good luck out there guys !
The birds where hot (don't like thunder)....either way I couldn't hold out in that storm past 9.30am . Tried a different wma yesterday and this morning. I'll be in there again Fri, Sat, possibly Sun
Wayne it sounds like you have had some great hunts I hope it comes together for you soon. Do you have a cell number so we can get a group text going?
Team mates...i don't know if it's my computer or connection or what but for the second time I have tried uploading photos.... it's worked before but this new pc windows 10 I hate. Maybe I can send photos to one of you and you can get to work maybe. 2 hrs yesterday and 2 more today I'm ready to give up
Checking in.....passed a 3 jakes this season and still after a brute that always comes in from behind me....even when I get turned around next thing I know he comes from the other direction....he very turkey wise....I'll be roosting one tomorrow eve then thru the weekend.