Never thought it would be this hard

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It’s supposedly is a fungus in the soil. Not sure if it’s at the house or what. Germination is 3 weeks to 3 months in dogs. My wife is convinced it came from our hunt camp with both dogs, as we had taken them 1-3 months prior to becoming ill
Hiawassee, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. I've had to get the vet to put 2 of our house dogs down in the last 2 yrs. It's so hard to let em go. !! Sorry


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Had to put mine down last month. She was old and barely getting around but still enjoyed the attention. Had been talking about when to do it because she seemed to be getting miserable. Her last night she messed on herself and that was our sign. Got her all cleaned up, said our goodbyes and thanked her for being a good dog.
Vet would not let me go in because of this virus and he wouldn’t do it in my truck. I think she knew and was ready.
We had to put my wife's cat down last month just shy of 14 years old. We used Lap of Love and the vet came to our house.
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My oldest is still having a hard time with it, well we all are. When we had to put Kimber down, we talked and decided it would be best not to have/try anymore dogs, not knowing where the fungus is coming from.
Well back in the beginning of August, he decided on his own, To buy a lab puppy from a breeder. He and several of his friends show up at home with it. I felt it was very unfair to put us in that situation, it was very hard, but I told him we were not doing this again, and made him return it. He didn’t return it, but sold it to the neighbor friend down the street. He was absolutely devastated and not understanding why!!
To this day I do not believe that he has stopped by to visit the pup.