New case knife


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I inadvertently left my case pocket knife on my dresser at my Fl house when I headed up here to Ga last week.
I couldn’t find a suitable replacement in my cabin so I ordered a new one.
It came today.
This one is one size larger than my old one but I think I’ll like it.
I chose the color because I find it helps finding it when I misplace it.


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I like their trapper model.
What you need, done well. But nothing extraneous.

Core Lokt

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Is that a 4” ? My daily carrier and I have a 3” that stays at home and never use. Carbon or stainless steel? I prefer carbon.


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The blade measures at just over 3”.
I have a smaller version that I can’t measure as it is in Fl behaving itself on my dresser.
I like my smaller one but I think this version may be more useful.
It’s also stainless. I’ve found stainless doesn’t hold an edge like carbon steel but it is easier to care for and keeps an acceptable edge for a reasonable time. Just rinse it in water and wipe it off.