Smallest Deer

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I just saw the smallest deer ever Saturday. We went down to bushhog and plant some summer plots… While ridding down the road we saw the smallest deer I have ever seen. The fawn could not have been very old. It was only about 12” high (14” at the most). It ran it to the bushes and stood there frozen until we rode off. Deer’s instinct is amazing. It knew exactly what to do just stand their motion less… We did not stay long, we new momma was near and did not want to harm the fawn.

Sure was a thrill to see one that small.


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Smallest deer

Went to my lease this week end to sight in a new .22.

Saw deer tracks in the shooting lane no bigger than a dime. Must have been the twin of the one you saw.


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I hunted Sapelo Island primitive weapons hunt last year and one hunter produced a 13 # deer with no spots. Largest I saw was a nine pointer maybe 85#