Summarized WMA hunting results

What about the people that are signing in on line for the wma hunts. They are not being counted in the total number of hunters The only people that are being counted are the ones that are signing in at the check stations That will make the success rate numbers to be inflated compared to the actual numbers. I live next to Johns mtn. wma and made it a point to keep count of the number of hunters that signed in at the check station. I also help sign 3 guys in on line that I work with They were never accounted for in the total # of hunters for the hunt I wounder how many more people signed in on line also that were not accounted for ?
Is that what you saw in the new system? They are supposed to be counting both, I'll get them to go back and fix it. Thanks for letting me know!
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The report has been updated with 25 hunt results from Altamaha, Bullard Creek, Chattahoochee FL VPA Tract, Cohutta, Conasauga River, Coosawattee, Crockford Pigeon Mt., Dawson Forrest, Otting, Rich Mt., Sprewell Bluff, Standing Boy, and Zahnd.


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First and foremost - thanks for putting this together and specifically for SHARING it!

As a data geek myself, I can appreciate the amount of time it takes to hand key this info in. I'm curious to know where the data is coming from on the WRD side. I don't know if the site that C.Killmaster linked is already a filtered dataset or if it's a bulk display. I don't see anything that shows # of kills in general sign-in hunts. Ex: Sprewell Bluff West only shows Primitive and Archery seasons, but doesn't mention anything about the general firearms season. Do we know if the data on the DNR site is the raw data or is it already filtered down somehow?

Thanks again for taking the time to keep this updated!
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Hi, cjones and you're most welcome. It's notes like yours that motivate me to maintain this report, even though I don't hunt WMAs as frequently as in previous years.

The DNR's ArcGIS system (i.e. the link that @C.Killmaster provided) is indeed my source for 2019/2020. Prior years data came from a different system that has been sunset.

I believe C.Killmaster 's link is an unfiltered view of the dataset. Results from several hunts are missing because the DNR is still working to update their database. C.Killmaster (who is with the DNR) is tracking his staff's progress.

I am typically able to update my summary within 2-3 of days after the results are posted to ArcGIS,fwiw
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The report has been updated with 2018-2019 harvest records for several WMA's despite that hunter attendance data for the added hunts is either unavailable or missing from the DNRs public records. These additions improves the accuracy of year-to-year harvest totals, but overstate the Success Rate for the 2018-2019 season as they increase the harvest totals without changing participation totals.

I debated long and hard about making this update and concluded that reflecting accurate harvest totals was more important than reflecting accurate success rates.

If you use this report solely for evaluating success rates, the data can easily be filtered from the report by de-selecting hunts where the number of hunter is 'blank'. PM me with *any* questions.
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Results from Redlands WMA have been added. The last major WMAs for which the DNR has not compiled results are Chickasawhatchee, Hannahatchee, Flint River & Fishing Creek. Notwithstanding, the 2019-2020 season appears to have been a good one for WMA hunters with an overall harvest of >6,000 deer and success rate of 13.4%.

Some of the report have been reformatted to include success rates or exclude WMAs with a harvest totals under 25 deer. Enjoy!

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Season results for Germany Creek, Soap Creek, Fishing Creek, Keg Creek, Lower Broad River, and Elbert County have been updated to the report.
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The report has been updated with hunt results from Yuchi, Alexander, Clark's Hill, Mead Farm, Spirit Creek, Tuckahoe and Richard B. Russell State Park.