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For gas, I have had really good service out of my Husqvarna refurbished LD128. Straight shaft .095 wire, bump feed. It is quite the beast for a non-commercial, small trimmer. Keep non-ethanol gas in it or True Fuel, and you are good to go. I think I've run mine about 10 years now. just replaced the bump feed head for the first time this season.

Lowes Husqvarna 128LD
Lowes has them brand new now for $ 199.00 (see price in cart).
The detachable shaft allows for any of the Trimmer Plus or Ryobi expand-it attachments. I've used the pole saw attachment quite a bit. Just ordered the brush cutter attachment as well.

I guess a Stihl would be the next step up in quality. In chainsaw world it seems Stihl vs. Husqvarna. Stihl for folks that make their living with a saw, Husqvarna typically more than adequate for those of us who don't.

I'm curious about folks with the battery trimmers. My wife is interested in having a second trimmer that isn't as heavy, and doesn't require choke/pull start. I have some Ryobi 18V tools gifted, thinking about the 18V brushless Ryobi. Anybody have one of those?
Ryobi 18V attachment capable trimmer
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Been running echo commercial grade for years. Short stint commercially, mostly around one or two homes now, for about 15 years. Have cleaned all carbs one time. Have run a husky as well, and am impressed with it too.
I used the Husky above for years and never had a problem. Moved to a place with less grass and figure I didn't need it any longer so I sold it to a friend.

Ended up picking up a side gig to a commercial lawn with an acre to cut. I read good things about the Milwaukee 18v so I went with that one. It didn't disappoint on that job and I still have it. I all ready had a ton of Milwaukee tools and batteries on hand. One of the 12v batteries would get me through that job as well as edging the sidewalks.
20210318_173129.jpg Never thought I would ever own anything electric, but I have slowly added to my collection of Ryobi 40 volt lithium devices including a blower, pole saw, golf cart fan and weed eater. That weed eater I believe would grind up concrete. And the battery lasts for as long as I need to do all the weed eating in my yard plus as an edger with power to spare. It also fully recharges in less than an hour. Never another gas weed eater for me


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Stihl. Maybe Husky. I've used them commercially for nearly 40 years. Echo used to be the best, now they're mostly junk. Look on any serious lawn service trailer, or in my shed, and it will tell the tale of experience. Get a Stihl. The commercial grade one. It will last you most of a lifetime around the house.
I wrapped many different brands around tree trunks (mostly box store brands including Echo)and finally broke down and paid the money for a commercial Stihl.

That has been 10+ years ago and I can say that I have not regretted the decision a single time.

I went to Stihl after buying a Stihl blower the prior fall after having an Echo blower that drove me nuts. That day in the fall, I started the Echo and it ran, so I stopped the blower, climbed up on the second story to blow leaves from the gutter and it would not start. I pulled and cussed and pulled and cussed and pulled and cussed some more until finally, I chunked it off the roof onto the driveway busting it up fairly well. I then climbed down and finished it off by beating it on the concrete and against a tree. I got almost a Zen like feeling when I was finished.

Surprisingly, I do not regret it all. I went a couple days later and bought a Stihl blower and that started me on buying quality items that last. That spring, I wrapped whatever brand of trimmer I had at the time around a big oak tree, threw it in the truck and went a bought the Stihl and have never looked back.
I went back and forth with gas vs battery and ended up getting the 40 volt Ryobi from Home Depot. The one that says"Works with RYOBI Expand-It Attachments."
I was really looking at one for my daughter and didn't want her having to mess with gas/oil and starting issues.
We both like this Ryobi model and we also bought the Edger attachment. I'm really impressed with the battery life. I mean for home owner use, not for someone in the business.