We're Upgrading!

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Please see the maintenance notice at the top of the page. The board will be down this weekend and hopefully back up by no later than Monday am.

The good news is we are finally stepping into the 21st century and will be switching to Xenforo as our platform.

Stay tuned and watch for the notification about when we are actually going to make the switch.

Jake Allen

Don’t know what any of that means but thanks for the heads up.
A complete new software system. One that will work allot better with smartphones and such.
The system we are using is old and not supported anymore.

Jake Allen

I'm not confused. But I, like the previous system, am old and unsupported...
The old system was dying of un-natural causes.

Brandon is working on the background color along with restoring some of the old features.
Good job to the admins on getting it up and running, seemingly flawlessly on this end. I know you guys are having a better time on the back-end. The design is definitely more modern and readable. (y)