What should I do?

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Me and my wife were opening gifts last night and I got something that I have no use for. She gives me this leather jacket that she paid over $200 for. First of all, I seldom wear a jacket, I wear sweaters when it gets cold. This isn't the only thing that she gave me by the way. There have been times in the past that I gave her things that she took back and swapped for something else. There are just things that I could have used alot more than this jacket like shoes, shirts, pants, fishing poles, etc. :bounce: Am I wrong if I return it? ::huh:


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Return it..

I dont think your wrong for returning it. Im sure she would understand, and since she loves and cares for you then all she wants is you to be happy..
I think it would do more harm by not wearing it if you keep it. She might feel bad knowing that you didn't like it. I think she would feel better knowing you have something that you can use and enjoy.




I'm sure Mrs. Hawk would be more happier if you had somethin' that you put to good use......

I'm sure she wouldn't be upset at all...... :)

But, then again with most women........

You can't win either way........ :eek: :eek: :eek:
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I don't think it is wrong. But if I know women, which I don't, then she will be a little hurt either way, returned or not being worn. I say she will understand and money won't be wasted. Or you can send it to me :D


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I'll send my wife over to talk to her for ya. I got deer hunting stuff a new rifle for coyotes and war movies. :D

Just take it back and tell her you're too self concious to wear the hide of some poor cow that was suckered into walking into a slaughter house.


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That is the hot new item for men now ; because of the movie about Howard Hughes . You know you better keep it or you wouldn't have ask us about it.
Checked with my wife

and she says return it.Unless you're filthy rich and can afford to have 200$ stuff laying around,take it back and get something useful....She'll understand


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That's tough.

I know you and the Mrs. go out to eat on a regular basis. I'd keep it and make it a point to wear it the next few times you go out and make a fuss about how much you like it.

You will not suffer much and she'll love you more for loving what she gave you.

$200 can't buy some things.


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I think the answer depends on the Mrs.. If I gave my wife a jacket she didn't need, she would ask "Why in the world did you get me a jacket I didn't need". Then she would return it.

If the tables were turned and I was in her shoes, I would reply, "Man, I've been wanting a leather jacket, thanks honey."

Its not that the standards are different for me or her, some people's feelings are hurt alot easier than others. Pretty much what Jeff said--at my house anyway.


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Keep it. Jeff said it best. I don't like my leather jacket, but my wife loves it. ;) ;)

Christmas List

Many moons ago, I started doing one for my wife. It was short and I really needed hunting gear. Next year I persuaded her to give me one listing the gifts she wanted. It made my life a lot easier when it came to shopping for her. Then my kids got into it. Then I expanded it to a "Gift List". Now we all what the other wants and it has made shopping for Xmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries...what ever...a lot more convenient.

I knew it was the way to go when my new son-in-law told me that he had spent 20 minutes in Loew's and had my Xmas gift. With my wife's list, I completed all of my shopping for her in less than two hours and that included supper at the Mall food court with my daughter.

At my age, I no longer need a bunch of "things" so I just put down a few doo dads I would never buy for myself and there's nothing on the list that's more than $30 and most of them are for less than $5.
Jeff hit a home run!

I kept my leather jacket but let it slip I really didn't want it. :( Now I do wear it sometimes but I still don't really like it :eek:

Jeff is right. Man he must understand women! :)
I unfortunately don't and keep :banginghe :banginghe
I don't think I would take it back or let her know I didn't want it.
I think next time I am in doubt I will pm Jeff for advice. ;)
Sure wish I had asked him about my jacket.


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Be honest with her. Tell her how you feel.


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Just do what Homer Simpson or The Family Guy would do. They seem to know women soooooooooooooooo well.


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I say trade it in for a big red and black sweater with a big G on it!!!!!

ha!!! what Jeff said,,, yes mam,,,,,, I love it,,,, thank you honey,,,,, :whip: