Where do you believe He11 is?


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That would be Gehenna,it is still there today.So alright,Where is The Eternal Lake of Fire?

Remember...The Rich man could see Lazerus with Abraham.He was in He11 in the spirit,in torment.There was a huge "Gulf" seperating them.
I don't know, never given this much thought, interesting question.


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I believe he11 would be total separation from God for all eternity.


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I would say a black hole, see hel! is a vacum, Darkness is a abscense of light. Light is the energy source, darkness is a product of that energy being gone.
He!l is the abscense of the Spirit, it's a product of the spirit being gone!
I disagree with it being in the earths core though. I'll studt and think on it and reply back.

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No offense Ronnie I was referring to the heat. Last time I was there it was 100 in the shade and the AC was broke.

You got that right. Hottest in the summer - coldest in the winter. :hair: