Will I be welcomed ?

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What kind of welcome will I get at traditional shoots next year with me shooting a metal riser take down recurve ? I see where elevated rests are NOT allowed . But carbon arrows are . :crazy: I'm shooting aluminum . I really like my new Hoyt Excel recurve ; it's become my favorite . I've been shooting it off the shelf , but today shot it with a flipper rest . Wow, nice arrow flight . At first I was shooting about 8" high at 20 yards but in just a few minutes , my hand and eye adjusted and most of the arrows were going right where I wanted and the groups were tighter than off the shelf too . Guess I'll have to pull the flipper back off . :( kirby :pop:
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Thanks guys ; I'm going to play around with the rest awhile and see if I can get the confidence in it that I have in shooting off the shelf . If not I'll pull it off and stick the pad back on . I was wondering what folks thought about the metal riser recurves . I've owned several custom bows before , Wes Wallace, Brackenberry , Robertson Stykbows , Cascade and well as several Bear bows and this Hoyt is as sweet as they get IMO; and very adjustable . kirby
When most of us shoot it doesn't matter if we keep score or not. :huh:
I`m looking forward to shooting a Dalaa myself. I certainly would`nt look down on ya. Funny thing... Paul Schaffer a traditional bowhunting Icon and original bowyer for Schaffer Silvertip bows shot off an elavated rest.Bet nobody looked down on him.RC
I`m looking forward to shooting a Dalaa myself. I certainly would`nt look down on ya. Funny thing... Paul Schaffer a traditional bowhunting Icon and original bowyer for Schaffer Silvertip bows shot off an elavated rest.Bet nobody looked down on him.RC
Robert, from what I've seen and read about Paul, he was way to big for anybody to look down on him.:bounce:


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I like a bare bones wood/glass bow myself its more fun for me but I will never look down on anyones choice of hunting equipment shoot what your comfortable with and have fun. Bowhunting is hard enough without havin to shoot somthin your not comfortable with. I have never shot a trad bow with a metal riser or elevated rest but I'd give it a try if it ment more meat on the table!


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I shoot all metal riser bows (WARFs, Dalaas, DASs) and some have elevated rests. I take what ever I want to shoot that day with me to shoots. Course I have so many other faults for people to look down on me for, noone ever gets around to the bows. :rofl:
I don't see anything "wrong" with elevated rests anyway. Rules in certain organizations banning them ought to be changed or another class which provides for them should be added. I ain't skeered to shoot against folks using them.

I will admit that I used to shoot those stick on Bear J2 rests and got really good accuracy but I shot so much I wore them out faster than I could buy them. Roger gets exceptional and impressive arrow flight and accuracy with his spring rest on one of his WARFs. Looks very durable.

Anyway, come shoot at NGT starting in January. You will always be welcome.
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Where could I find the trad shoot rules?
If you'll search for a specific shoot , like the Howard Hill classic or the TBG state shoot , they list the rules for their shoots. Here's the link for the Howard Hill classic [ http://www.howardhillse.com/ ] just click on rules . Here's one for TBG [ http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=103404&highlight=tbg+state+shoot+rules ] Seems , TBG allows simple stick-on rests back in 2007 , I guess it's still the same . I got to shooting this morning and I was all over the place with the elevated rest . Couldn't get settled in . So, off with the rest . on with the side plate and I'm back to grouping again . Oh well , I'll probably give it another try when my 21" Excel gets here . kirby
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You're Welcome , T.P. I just started back shooting and have no idea what is allowed or acceptable out there now. Since they don't start back until January , I'm trying to be ready . Back when I used to shoot , I was told I shot a slow bow (it was a 50# Brackenberry, it was what I hunted with also ) Wait 'till they see my arrows now at 40# . LOL kirby
I have no problem with you shootin' metal bows. Just don't attach yourself to the bow iffin' you find yourself huntin' in the swamp, cause that thing might tow you straight to the bottom! :)
"Will I be welcomed ? "

Sure will! Especially if you are looking to shoot, laugh and have a good bit of fun.
Folks looking to gripe and bellyache, they are still welcomed to shoot, but I bet
they will not have as much fun. :whip: :bounce:

Different shoots, sponsered by different folks or clubs
have rule variations, but they are all about the same.
No wheels, no broadheads, no x-bows and most frown on sights and mechanical releases.

TBG is none of the above, plus no eleveated rests only if
you are competing for a trophy.
Shooting for fun, elevated rests are fine. Trophies only at the State shoot, none at
the Central, or Northern Zone shoots.
Those are shoots only for fun, and maybe bragging rights.

At NGT, we don't shoot for trophies, (except for the cubs),
and don't care about an elevated rest, but ask Traditional gear only.
Barebows; recurve, primative, longbow
and only field points.
Arrows: Sticks, old fishin' poles, aluminum, woodies, fiberglass, carbon are all good.

The folks that go thru the many hours of enjoyable, but hard work, and freely give of themselves
and time to put these shoots on, mostly do it for the enjoyment of having
folks show up, shoot arrows, laugh and have fun,
maybe make a new friend and eat a hamburger; that's all.

As we like to say at NGT, "where else can you have this much fun, for only 10 bucks." :biggrin3:

I look forward to seeing you at a shoot Mr. Kirby, and hope
we have the chance to enjoy shooting a round.
Maybe I will have my new, custom built by RogerB, Metal Risered Warf,
with an Elevated Rest, in my hands. :)

The season will be here before you know it! :banana:
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Thanks JA ; I don't want to wish away my days , but I look forward to traveling around little next year, shooting , and meeting all the good folks in person . that I've met here on GON . Can't wait :banana: kirby