Anyone used grass seed for foodplot?

I am going to be attempting to go to the less soil disturbance system which is why I was looking for something that would just cover the soil and allow me to just go to a no till this fall. Currently we have a little over 1 quarter acre food plot per hundred acres and the population of deer is quite healthy. We also have about 1 feeder per 200 acres that are kept full all year but I feel that you are correct in that we either have to increase the number of plots or go to electric fences to keep the deer off until the plots become mature and can handle the browse better, expense would dictate that we really don't want to do that. I am going with the cereal grass and clover this fall in the hopes of doing just as you have stated next year and topping with milorganite in an attempt to keep the deer off them for a couple of weeks to give the seedlings a chance.
that won't stop them unless it's ten feet high