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After listening to different people.i have decided between to broadheads.the first is the hypodermic 100 next is swacker 100.any final thoughts on these two heads. Topics on both a lot of YouTube


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I fought the switch to mechanical for a long time. We bow hunt all season long. Myself and my son switched to 100 GR Hypos two years ago and have had great results. I won't lie I have a four arrow quiver and it has 3 Hypos and 1 Slick Trick..:D.. The slick trick is for a follow up shots..


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Out of those two, go with the hypo. The Swacker is an over the top expandable and without an exit hole the blood trail may not be great.
I’ve never shot the hypo’s. I’ve killed 4 with the swackers. I got complete pass through except for 1 spine shot. All of them dropped within 35 yards. I swapped to Grimm reapers last year just to give them a try but I keep a swacker in the quiver.