Carbon arrow question?

Depends on what it was glued in with.

If it was just hot melt glue, then you can just install an old tip/broahead without the blades and heat the tip/head,,, not supposed to heat the shaft, but I always do. Just be careful, it does not take much heat.
If it was installed with and epoxy,,, then you're screwed


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Thanks. I ordered the shafts with the inserts so I do not have a clue. ::huh:

I like the idea of just heating an old head and will give that a try.

I want to do a little experimenting with adding weight to the shafts. I read where you can put weed trimmer line inside of them for better flight with the heavier broadheads. It also is supposed to help with penetration. I realize there are adapters for doing this, but most put all the added weight at the front end. I'm looking for a way to more evenly distribute it.



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Al, if that is all you want to do just pop the nock off the back of the arrow and insert the line. Then just push the nock back on. I would recommend against heating carbon arrows at all, as per all manufacturers recommendations.


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Ya know Ray,....

after making the post I got to thinkin' 'bout that. :rolleyes: :bounce: I suddenly recalled that the nocks were probably snap ins and even asked a fellow hunter here at work if that was the case. He thought it was also and once I got home from work was gonna check. Now that you have shared your thoughts I am convinced that is all I have to do.

I'm new to these carbons and have a lot to learn. :eek:

Have you ever heard of flexing them after each shot to ensure they fly well the next shot? ::huh:




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The flexing of the shaft isn't really to make sure that it flies well the next time, it is actually to make sure that you haven't cracked the shaft of the arrow on the previous shot. Just flex them a little bit after you pull them out of the target, if they are cracked you will either hear, or feel it when you flex the arrow. If you need to get the insert out, do not apply heat directly to the shaft. If you are careful you can screw in a field point and heat up the point slowly. Use a pair of pliers to slowly pull the point out. It takes longer to heat up the insert when going through the field point rather than the shaft of the arrow, but direct heat to the arrow can break down the resin in the arrow shaft and severly weaken the arrow. Good Luck and Safe Shootin'.


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Now that makes sense, even to me. :) Thanx.

Ya know, I was feelin' like a dummy this morning when I started this thread, but now I'm feelin' kinda smart. That could be very, very bad you guys. :bounce:

Thanks again, I knew I could count on you. :clap: