Deer baiting during turkey season

Not sure if you are joking or not but, that post is from 2014. Baiting regs are on page 26 of the current regs.

Doesn't give a specific distance away. It just says upon, over, around, or near bait. I guess that's up to LE to decide. Also, removed 10 days prior to hunting an area that was baited. I couldn't find anywhere where area was defined.


It’s everywhere corn 🌽
Found corn in a gobblers crawl yesterday. Errrr I bet I find it in a crawl this year.
I've never seen a turkey crawl before. How do they do it?
They fan out their wings so that the tips are on the ground and bend over forward till their heads and necks are parallel with the ground then they crawl forward.

Some call this movement something else though. LOL