Do yall think it would be alright?

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If I was to take a 17' neptune sunbird out to the reef that is about 3 miles out from cumberland island. I have never fished any reefs and seen that there are some inshore reefs and this one being the nearest thought I might give it a try, or should I just stay in.
Yeah, you can go out there... Watch the weather to your west mainly and pick your days. You should be fine. Staying past 1 PM is always rolling the dice on the afternoon thunderstorms.
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Thanks guys I wasnt to sure so I thought I would ask. I hear ya on them afternoon thunderstorms they bad enough when you are inland.
Go for it. Make sure you got a good weather forcast, VHF, a working bildge, and be in by 1!!!!!!!!!!
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Got the VHF and a brand new bildge in the boat that works like a champ.


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Do you have membership w/ Boat US or Seatow? Things happen fast out there and any kind of breakdown will cost you mega bucks if you need a tow in and are not a member. This isn't the cost of insurance but rather the cost of safety.